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Oriental Dance

Oriental Dance
Belly dance is a Western name coined for a style of dance developed in the Middle East and other Arabic-influenced areas. In Arabic language it is known as Raqs Sharqi or in Turkish as Oryantal dansı, translated as "Dance of the East". For Europeans, this translation sounded perfectly fit, hence it was also known as "Oriental dance", "Exotic oriental dance", "Oriental belly dance" and the likes. The term "Raqs Sharqi" is claimed to be originated in Egypt. The name suggested an exotic dance originated elsewhere - and so a higher status than the local dance.

Cooking class for traditional Sri Lankan Rice & Curry

Rice & Curry
The traditional Sri Lankan kitchen is highly influenced by ayurvedic dietetics. The aim of ayurvedic dietics is to keep or achieve balance of body, mind and soul and to harmonise the human in itself and with the cosmos.

The food that we eat affects not only our body, but also our emotions, mind and soul and therefore our entire well-being.

It does not only contain nutrients in form of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, etc. but also different energies that keep, balance and regenerate our vital energy (“Prana”). It does not strain our organism and contains fresh, light ingredients as well as well-balanced and compensative spices.

Beguile scents, extraordinary spices, colourful dishes and an intensive experience of tastes enrich body and soul.